About the company

About the company

Open Company company "Cold Factory" has been formed in 2000 on floor spaces of the Moscow machine-tool constructing factory of Sergo Ordzhonikidze.

 An osnovym direction of activity of the company is manufacture and delivery of a refrigerating machinery and freezing the equipment for frosts and storages of foodstuff.

Industrial refrigerating machinery

Refrigerating machinery an integral part of any food manufacture. Without a refrigerating machinery the enterprises of the meat industry, the enterprise  fishing industry, agricultures cannot manage. A frost one of the best ways to keep food value and quality of foodstuff. At the same time, an industrial refrigerating machinery the expensive investment assuming long-term use and extraction of profit. Reliability and quality of a refrigerating machinery, for the enterprises working with a foodstuff, leaves on the foreground. The impaired a little product not only costs nothing, but also is dangerous, both for the consumer and for image of the company. Therefore Open Company company "Cold Factory" uses accessories and units of the European manufacture of the most known marks by manufacture of a refrigerating machinery: Bitzer, Bock, Danfoss, Alfa-Laval, Thermofin, Guntner, etc. Special attention we give to systems of protection, the control and monitoring of work of compressor units used in work of the chamber shock frosts, refrigerating and freezing chambers, refrigerating warehouses and terminals.


The freezing equipment

Production frost one of the most effective methods of preservation of food production without loss of food value and quality. Pledge of it is shock a frost - maximum fast overcoming point frosts, for this purpose what in fabrics (fishes, birds, meat, an offal) had not time to be formed large crystals of ice. After such qualitative shock frosts, production, meat deep frosts, especially fish frozen, long time is stored in the refrigerating chamber, and after difrost such frozen fish keeps the qualities and all flavouring, physical and biochemical qualities. At present Open Company company "Cold Factory" offers some kinds of the freezing equipment for shock frosts, depending on a product and wishes of the customer.

Plate freezers

Horizontal plate freezers and vertical plate freezers are intended for as much as possible fast, shock production frosts in blocks: fish, forcemeat, meat lumpy, an offal. We have a possibility to offer plate freezers for frosts of blocks of a various configuration. plate freezers concern the freezing equipment cyclic actions allowing to carry out shock to a frost. Probably to 10 cycles of loading-unloading of production. Fish frozen in plate freezers does not lose the does not lose the flavouring qualities and has long periods of storage More in detail...

Chambers shock frosts

Chambers shock frosts are intended for fast shock frosts of production which cannot be frozen in blocks. The primary kind, or piece shock a frost is for example important, or product dimensions (hulks, semihulks) do impossible use of other devices shock frosts. Chambers shock frosts as concern the freezing equipment cyclic actions carrying out shock to production frost cyclically. More in detail...

Spiral deep freezing equipment

Spiral deep freezing equipmentare intended for piece shock frosts of production of the small sizes: small fish, a fillet, ready dishes on a substrate. Spiral deep freezing equipment concern the freezing equipment of continuous action, that is, on lines on an input production demanding shock frosts, and on an exit in 20-40 minutes keeps within, this production acts in film with spiral deep freezing equipment already frozen. More in detail...

Ice machine

Our company also is engaged in working out by creation and manufacturing ice generator on manufacture of liquid ice. This absolutely new and advanced word in cooling technologies. Ice machine from the company "Cold Factory" differs from ice generator other companies the high technologies applied in manufacture of generators of ice. Ice mashine our company develops so-called "liquid" ice (Binary Ice). In difference from ice maschine scaly ice or the granulated ice, the given technology allows to keep products longer time. The cooled fish processed by liquid ice made on ice generator Open Company "Cold Factory" is stored 20 days since the moment fishing that is confirmed by researches and the documentation TU 9261-041-00472124-08. It is connected with that that "liquid" ice densely envelops a product, without leaving air cushions. Ice Machine liquid ice  the companies "Cold Factory" favourably differs from the competitors. More in detail...

Refrigerating chambers

Refrigerating chambers differ on temperature modes of storage of food production: average temperature refrigerating chambers and low temperature refrigerating chambers. As refrigerating chambers can be distinguished on volumes: small refrigerating chambers for commercial use and refrigerating chambers for storage of great volumes of production - industrial refrigerators, refrigerating terminals. More in detail...

Compressor refrigerating units on the basis of the pump scheme of giving of a coolant
Such compressor refrigerating units Are applied basically for plate freezers and spiral deep freezing equipment, more intensive selection of heat from a productCompressor refrigerating units on the basis of ТРВ schemes with a coolant overheat
Compressor refrigerating units on such scheme are used basically for plate freezers and spiral deep freezing equipment of small productivity, and as for chambers shock frosts. Intensity of selection of heat from a product at use of such scheme is less, but thus cost of the most compressor unit considerably decreases. More in detail...

Industrial refrigerating machinery of the first-rate quality are modern technologies, reliable guarantees and competent advisers. In our assortment - refrigerating units, chambers shock frosts, refrigerating chambers, freezing chambers, refrigerating warehouses and refrigerating terminals for big and small enterprises.

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